Author: Jeff Ortloff

Jagged Alliance 3 Review

HIGH N-Night is the Greatest. Mission. Ever. Recruiting the Coffee Beans is amazing. 

LOW Important mechanics are not well-explained to new players. A few glitches.

WTF Where did my plot critical items go?  I don’t remember selling them!

Aliens: Dark Descent Review

HIGH So. Incredibly. Tense. Luring enemies into a killbox is so satisfying!

LOW Game-stopping bugs. Punishingly difficult. Repetitive commentary from my marines.

WTF How do Face Huggers see my squad SO QUICKLY if they’re in eggs?

Blood Bowl 3 Review

HIGH Great atmosphere. Good-looking stadiums & players. Translates the boardgame rules well.

LOW Myriad glitches and bugs, frustrating multiplayer, repetitive announcing, microtransactions.

WTF Why can’t I consistently execute actions I know I should be able to execute?

Starfighter Renegade Review

HIGH Cool old-school space shooter aesthetic with Defender vibes.

LOW Insta-kills from swarming enemies. Frequent crashes, bugs, and lock-ups

WTF  How do the scout ships not shake themselves apart when they swerve like that?

Axis Football 2023 Review

HIGH Much more solid on-field experience; better realism, improved animations

LOW Presentation is still lacking, some minor annoyances and glitches.

WTF Why would fans want to sit BEHIND the video screens in Carolina’s stadium?