Author: GC Staff

Blazing Beaks Review

Birds, Bullets, And Big Gambles

HIGH The characters are colorful and cute.

LOW Runs are affected strongly by luck.

WTF A frog named Newt that hatched from a cocoon?

A Switch Lite Appears

Rumored since last year, Nintendo has officially announced the name, release date, and pricing for a new portable-focused, non switching version of its Switch hardware — the Switch Lite.

Dauntless Review

The Hunt That Never Ends

HIGH Rewarding progression, a high skill ceiling.

LOW Lack of a compelling endgame.

WTF Just let me sit in a Tavern and share a drink with a rando, please.

News – Masters Of Doom

Released in 2004, Masters of Doom was a novelization by David Kushner that retold the origins of ID Software, the creators of Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, and Doom. It also talked about the history between its developers John Carmack and John Romero.

Dragon’s Dogma (Switch) Review

When The Pawn Thinks Like A King

HIGH Sharp melee combat, great character creation, memorable environments.

LOW Moments of grinding and crushing difficulty. Occasional character pop-in.

WTF Groups of bandits pose more threat than a chimera?