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Dark Souls Review

Curiosity is a Serial Killer

Dark Souls Screenshot

HIGH Exploration has never been so satisfying.

LOW Plays too safe with other aspects of the Demon's Souls formula.

WTF Why is Blighttown such a stutter-fest?

Donate to help victims of Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

On Friday, March. 11th, an 8.9 earthquake hit Japan (epicenter off the coast of Sendai) and triggered a tsunami that has claimed the lives of thousands and resulted in billions of dollars worth of damage.

The Red Cross has two ways for you to help. One is to click the link below and select "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami":


The second is to simply text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to help relief efforts.

Samuel Spaeth enters the world

The Staff would like to welcome its newest member, Samuel Kirk Spaeth.

Baby Sam
Little Sammy telling Tim what he thinks of the podcast.

Proud poppa, Tim Spaeth, reports that he was born Wednesday morning (April 15th) and weighed in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces.

Sadly, being born on Tax Day virtually guaranteed that he, his parents and President Obama will be about the only people in the United States celebrating that day.

Congratulations to Tim and his wife from everyone at

2008: The Year in Review

2008: The Year in Review - Too Human

It's that time of year again (i.e. the beginning of a new one) so in keeping with the tradition held by gamers all across the globe, locked four of its staffers in a very small, uncomfortable room and forced them to come up with a list of 2008's top releases. Unlike years past, there was quite a diversity of high-quality software available with no one title that seemed to build up the kind of critical mass necessary to sweep the industry. Instead, there was a little bit of everything for everyone, and quite a lot of it was excellent. Not a bad situation, any way you slice it.

2005: The Year in Review now takes a look back at the things we think best sum up 2005, and throw in a few predictions for 2006 and beyond. This list is by no means complete or comprehensive, but it does provide a good snapshot of what we were playing and talking about.

Thought Processing: Geriatric Gaming

Much like the way radio and television were once new and unexplored territories before becoming the staple outlets they are today, videogames have yet to exert their full impact on our society, and we as the people playing them still cannot clearly predict the role they will eventually come to play. In this installment of Thought Processing, we look at videogames from the perspective of the "older" generation blazing a trail into this brave new world.

2002: The Year in Review

Welcome to GameCritics.Com's Year in Review. Instead of the usual top ten lists and buyer's guides, we decided to take a deeper, more personal look at the events of the past year. Four of our critics weigh in with their thoughts, opinions and impressions of the dynamic race between reigning champ Sony, returning favorite Nintendo and wild card Microsoft.

Thought Processing: Are Game Mascots a Thing of the Past?

In the world of videogames, there are a number of virtual celebrities that have just as much fame and recognition as those on the silver screen or MTV. In fact, some are so famous that they’ve reached the exalted "single-word name" plateau, eclipsing countless other real-life personalities. Mario. Sonic. Lara. You know them on sight, you’ve played their games, and the odds are that you love at least a few of them.