Author: GC Staff

Dragon’s Dogma (Switch) Review

When The Pawn Thinks Like A King

HIGH Sharp melee combat, great character creation, memorable environments.

LOW Moments of grinding and crushing difficulty. Occasional character pop-in.

WTF Groups of bandits pose more threat than a chimera?

Ghost Giant Review

Getting By With A Big Help From My Friend

HIGH It feels like living in a cartoon.

LOW Throwing isn’t fun in VR. Please stop asking us to do it, devs.

WTF The benevolent destruction of entire neighborhoods.

She Remembered Caterpillars Review

An Emotional Metamorphosis

HIGH Narrative between levels gave me emotional drive to finish.

LOW A programming glitch hindered my progress for weeks.

WTF Just what is that plant in the level selection menu supposed to be?

Lust From Beyond Preview

As a person fascinated by sex and sexuality in games, and as one who believes the attitude towards sex in games can tell us a lot about our society’s attitudes in general, I was eager to play the Lust from Beyond demo despite being unfamiliar with the series.

Falcon Age Review

I Am Over-Bird-Ened

HIGH Holding up a grenade for my falcon to grab on a fly-by.

LOW A whole lot of nothing out there.

WTF Why doesn’t my bird want to hang out with me?

Homo Machina Review

There Are Little People Inside You

HIGH Lovely illustration style.

LOW Uninteresting outside of the animations and visual design.

WTF Little guidance leads to a frustrating puzzle experience.

Depression, Soulsbornes, Sekiro and Survival

My first experience with a From game occurred during one of the
worst episodes of depression in my life. Stuck in a soul-sapping job and
surrounded by people who constantly made me feel diminished, I had stopped
trying to improve my situation. The only energy I could muster went towards
surviving the day. I’d get home from work, lose myself in a TV show or a game,
and then pass out. Rinse, repeat.