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Destructamundo Preview

Destructamundo Preview Screenshot

The best puzzle games are ones that are easy to learn but difficult to master. Sure, anyone can beat a level of Peggle, but can they do it with only four balls? How about just one? Angry Birds allows progress by popping all the pigs, but those who really want to show the world their skills need to do it with the least amount of resources used.

Interview with Remember Me’s Jean-Maxime Moris

Remember Me Screenshot

Completely new intellectual properties are a rarity these days. New ones starring female lead characters are even rarer. Thanks to Capcom picking up publishing duties, Remember Me from French developer DONTNOD Entertainment will be making its way to the United States on June 4. In addition to satisfying both of those criteria, It also looks like a great action title with some interesting ideas, so Jean-Maxime Moris, co-founder and creative director of DONTNOD Entertainment was gracious enough to answer the questions we had about the dynamics of crafting a female-led title and how the game's "memory" theme applies to gameplay.

Darksiders II Review

Paint by Numbers

Darksiders II: Argul's Tomb Screenshot

HIGH Nailing the perfect sequence of scythe combos and dodges during a fight.

LOW Having my reaper form cancelled out by a boss cut-scene.

WTF This game literally put me to sleep in the early hours.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review

Fission Mailed

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Screenshot

HIGH Seeing the Raccoon Police station rendered in gorgeous HD for the first time ever.

LOW Firing a full clip of assault rounds into a hunter as it yawns indifferently.

WTF There's a "special" vision mode designed to make zombies invisible to the player.

GC Reader of the Week: Gaia Steinbuch

GC Reader of the Week - Gaia Steinbuch

Who are you?
I'm Gaia Steinbuch.

What kind of gamer are you?
I'm interested in lots of different types of games—but my favourite genre would have to be role-playing games (RPGs) and older real-time strategy games (RTSs). I mostly play single player games (I like a game with a good story), sometimes co-op with my boyfriend. I never play multiplayer with strangers, it doesn't appeal to me. I prefer to play games in shorter periods of times because I get tired easily. I play most of my games on the PC but I also own a PS3, Wii and DS on which I game now and then.

GC Reader of the Week: Albert Hidding

GC Reader of the Week - Albert Hidding

Who are you?
My name is Albert Hidding. I'm a 25 year old Film Studies student. I adore culture and especially film, games, music and theatre.

Where are you?
I live in Utrecht, a city in the middle of The Netherlands. But I actually travel a lot, since my University and my girlfriend are each located in a different town. In November I will also be doing an internship for a film festival in yet another city. Fortunately The Netherlands is really small and Dutch students receive free travel with public transport.

GC Reader of the Week: Chris Johnson

GC Reader of the Week Chris Johnson and his girlfriend

Who are you?
Christopher David Butler Johnson – or Chris for short. 32 years old.

Where are you?
Currently living in Leuven, Belgium (near Brussels)

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Minnesota, I spent a number of years in and around Chicago, with stints in Ann Arbor, Berkeley, and Boston. Minnesota is still home, but in an alien sort of way.