Author: Erin Bell

Portable Project – April 2004

Welcome to the ninth installment of the Portable Project here at Handheld gaming has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry, though some of the pocket-sized titles aren't quite in-depth enough to warrant a full-length review at the site.

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix – Review

At the same time, DDR, even in North Americanized translations like Ultramix and the PlayStation 2's DDRMAX, still retains some of its foreign quirkiness that is far more intriguing than Britney's Dance Beat or American Idol, America's comparatively vapid offerings to the dance subgenre.

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon – Review

In terms of winning over new gamers to the cause, I doubt that the addition of a few things to climb on, some very elementary stealth scenarios, and a whole bunch of crates to push around doesn't change the game enough to appeal to those who find adventure games boring to begin with. The Sleeping Dragon is more about keeping the faith than anything.

Amped 2 – Consumer Guide

Parents have nothing to worry about with the squeaky-clean Amped 2. Snowboarders have a lot to be excited about, as Amped 2 is all about the real snowboarding experience and what it's like to rise through the ranks of the professional snowboarding world and garner sponsorships and media attention. There's […]

Amped 2 – Review

Although I've never actually snowboarded in my life, thanks to Amped 2 I can now get sick Canadian bacon air with the best of them—and I have the calluses to prove it.

Dark Fall: The Journal – Review

Chiding a game for being a perfect embodiment of its genre is dangerous, and runs the risk of missing the point altogether. But I can't help feeling that the genre lacks one crucial feature that forever cripples it: there is no risk of failure.