Author: David Stone

And Yet It Moves Review

In Soviet Russia Platform Jumps YOU!

And Yet It Moves Screenshot

HIGH Watching fire change its behavior because you redefined "up."

LOW Watching your body break apart for the 58th time.

WTF Bats versus lizard in an epic battle!

Brütal Legend Review

Sometimes Even An Umlaut Isn't Enough

Brütal Legend Screenshot

HIGH The world is metal.

LOW Almost everything else isn't.

WTF "Everybody thinks I'll betray them someday. Now gasp as I betray you!"

David the Grammar Nerd, Volume 3: Thinking Before You Speak

David the Grammar Nerd, Volume 3: Thinking Before You Speak

I'm sure nobody has missed this, but I felt compelled to write something after reading a recent comment on the front page of the site. Pushing my tolerance to the brink, I'm ashamed to bring you David the Grammar Nerd, Volume 3: Thinking Before You Speak.

While I covered basic Netiquette in the previous installment, I think it's important to continue. I'm not sure why, but when people are on the internet, they feel some sort of license to say whatever they feel like, whenever they feel like it.

We've seen this come up recently with Xbox Live explaining how they determine what is or is not acceptable on the service. Stephen Totilo posted an interesting interview on Kotaku explaining how new vernacular had to be monitored constantly and for context. But sometimes, people can be both plain hurtful, or to quote Mike Bracken, "retarted" (yes, full of irony).

Wii Sports Resort Review

The Revolution… no really, we mean it this time!

Wii Sports Resort Screenshot

HIGH When Wii MotionPlus works, it works.

LOW When Wii MotionPlus doesn't work, it doesn't.

WTF Trying to Cycle with my hands equals "Why?" plus "Ow".

David the Grammar Nerd, Volume 1

David the Grammar Nerd, Volume 1

With the recent rush of quality user reviews coming in, it's nice to see that there are a lot of people who know how to write and communicate effectively. Unfortunately, with many Internet scribes using "lol" as punctuation, it's time for the first (and hopefully final, but I doubt it) installment of David: The Grammar Nerd.

The issue of credibility and Joystiq

Every so often, you hear the word "credibility" come up on a website. For whatever reason, people seem to forget what it means, and when it's called into question, people get awfully uppity about it. The problem is, credibility is subjective. And how to defend credibility is up to the speaker.

Contra 4 – Review

Read review of Contra 4Contra 4. Essentially, Konami has given the finger to all the other games of the series, and said, “Sorry, folks. You don’t count.” This game is all about giving fans of the old-school games the biggest dose of fanservice it possibly can.