Author: David Merret

Preview: Rive (PC, XBO, PS4, WiiU)

  Rive is an interesting departure for Two Tribes. I'm a particular fan of their previous cute-but-exacting puzzler Toki Tori, so Rive's announcement left me curious about this action-focused 2D shooter. After playing the tutorial which introduced some of the game's elements in isolation there's definite promise, but until they're […]

Preview: This War Of Mine

I'm not quite sure what to feel about This War of Mine. It's a game about war but not about soldiers; about the pain of conflict and the grinding pressure that war exerts on everyone. While I appreciate the nobility of its intentions, its mechanics don't quite match up with the message in the preview build I played.

The Adventures of Pip Preview

    The Adventures of Pip's premise is brilliant. It's a 2D side-scrolling platformer in which the protagonist morphs between three versions of himself; He's got single pixel, 8-bit and 16-bit incarnations. It's a wonderful central idea, but at this stage it's unclear whether it will be fully utilized. The […]