Author: Darren Forman

Code Vein Review

Soulsborne: Anime Edition

HIGH Yakumo. Or maybe Eva? Nah, it’s gotta be Yakumo.

LOW The combat’s just average, and there’s a ton of it.

WTF Who thought walking through dozens of memories at a snail’s pace was a good idea?

Kill La Kill: IF Review

Clothing Is Only For The Strong!

HIGH Satsuki Kiryuin is the protagonist? Rad!

LOW Ten playable characters ain’t much, and two of them are alts.

WTF ‘Why aren’t they popping back on?’

Judgment Review

Go For The Eyes

HIGH The Heat action involving a passing car is inspired.

LOW Tailing minigames are never a good addition to any title. Ever.

WTF What is it with Yagami and cats, exactly?