Author: Daniel Weissenberger


The Whole World Is Your Resource

HIGH Getting a weapon strong enough to one-shot the skinless hunters.

LOW A few quests have confusingly-worded instructions.

WTF The ancient ancestors left behind… sokoban puzzles?


Is that hyperbole? Absolutely. But it’s not without truth at its core — after all, DOOM 3 VR had the potential to not only be a great game – which it is, when played with an AIM controller – but also to send out a clear message that classic First Person Shooters can have new life if brought to VR.

Hidden Deep Review

Deadly Secrets In The Dark

HIGH Rushing elements through a monster-filled cave to keep a reactor from overloading.

LOW If I’m clipped to the line, why can’t I reload while hanging?

WTF The last level is a baffling mess.

Trophy Review

Poor Imitations Aren’t Very Flattering

HIGH Finding a weapon power-up that simplified combat a little.

LOW The magnet boss.

WTF This snowblower battle seems like a parody of a bad Mega Man boss.

This Is Not A Review: Gravitators

Sadly I’m unable to ethically review Gravitators. I started playing a year ago when it was in beta. I put in more than fifty hours of testing and offered notes copious enough that I wound up with a special thanks in the credits. It’s too bad this can’t be a review, though, because it would be an absurdly positive one.

UnMetal Review

A Joke 34 Years In The Telling

HIGH The compass gag is an all-time great joke.

LOW A key item disappeared from my inventory and I had to restart the level.

WTF Need Choloroform? Just mix a bottle of Chloro and a bottle of Form!