Author: Daniel Lipscombe

Enter The Gungeon Review

And don't stop dodge-rolling once you enter.

Enter the Gungeon Review Screenshot

HIGH Clearing an entire floor without taking a hit is incredibly satisfying.

LOW The randomness can make some playthroughs impossible to complete.

WTF Pop culture references, like the Nintendo zapper from Duck Hunt.

Moving on up

Resident Evil 5 Screenshot

After spending a lot more time with Move over the last few days, I thought it would be good to spew my thoughts into the ether. After breaking down my thoughts the other day I wanted to spend some time with other games that used the new control scheme.

I like to Move it, Move it

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The other day, I sold my Xbox 360. Finally after all that time of going back and forth, the time had come to list it on eBay and try to make some money out of it. It had been sitting on my bedroom desk unused for a while now and as most of my gaming is being done on the PlayStation 3, I thought it time to dedicate myself to Sony's console.