Author: Damiano Gerli

Gloomhaven Review

Raiding Dungeons, From Physical To Digital

HIGH Successfully learning the basics!

LOW Spending an hour clearing a dungeon, only to be killed by the last enemy.

WTF Online play is quite troublesome.

Zool Redimensioned Review

Bad News For Hedgehogs!

HIGH It’s somewhat nice to see Zool back in his original form…

LOW …which reminds me it wasn’t that great to start with.

WTF The bleeding banana will haunt my dreams for years to come.

Recompile Review

Criticize Me, Recompile Me

HIGH A stylish, polygonal TRON-like aesthetic.

LOW Infuriating level design.

WTF Having to wait a full 10 seconds to respawn after each death.

Grotto Review

A Real Platonic Journey

HIGH A strong emotional narrative that wastes no time.

LOW Struggling to make one’s answers understood.

WTF Finding out only at the end about the command to insta-travel.

Dice Legacy Review

Die Die Die, My Darling

HIGH An interesting take on city-building gameplay with roguelike features.

LOW It might take a while to get the various mechanics down.

WTF Don’t get distracted or your city might burn to the ground!

This Is Not A Review: CLT

Welcome to This Is Not A Review. In these articles we discuss general impressions, ideas and thoughts on any given game, but as the title implies, it’s not a review. Instead, it’s an exercise in offering a quick recommendation (or dismissal) after spending enough time to grasp the ideas and gameplay of a thing without necessarily playing it from A to Z.

The subject of this installment:  CLT, developed and published by notagamestudio.

Inscryption Review

Play Your Cards Right

HIGH Finally getting the right deck to defeat the magician.

LOW Not being able to shake the magician’s hand.

WTF Threatening my files is not cool.