Author: Damiano Gerli

Vaporum: Lockdown Review

When Steampunk And RPG collide

HIGH Finally killing one of these nasty shocking drones…


LOW … only to find there were two more behind me.

WTF Falling into pitfalls makes me question my own mental health.

Operation: Tango Preview

Designed by husband and wife studio Clever Plays, Operation: Tango seems to draw from their experience of playing together, developed from the ground up to be played exclusively via co-op.

Mundaun Review

Not Everything Is Black And White

HIGH Finally defeating an enemy with one rifle shot.

LOW Getting randomly killed by enemies in mysterious ways.

WTF Wait… are those textures really hand-drawn? Wow!

Genesis Noir Review

Of All The Big Bangs, She Walked Into Mine

HIGH Every moment is graphically gorgeous.

LOW Discovering there’s no autosave — the hard way.

WTF An ending that seems to expand the infinite vastness of the universe.

Say No! More Review

So, Is That A Yes?

HIGH Noooo!!! No no NO no nooooooooo!

LOW Would have really liked more substories, they were lovely.

WTF It ends too quickly… I wanted to say no! more.

Loop Hero Review

Every Day Is Exactly The Same

HIGH Finding out mountains magically interact when placed near each other…

LOW … only to find out they spawn a new strong enemy

WTF Having full health when facing the final boss would be nice!

Cathedral Review

The Old Is New Again

HIGH That open-world feeling after the first level.

LOW An enemy shooting from above with no way to kill it.

WTF Checking FAQs to find out where to go next.

The Dark Eye: Memoria Review

Things End, But Memoria Is Forever

HIGH Admiring the lush hand-drawn graphics on a large screen.

LOW Losing almost an hour of progress because of a bug.

WTF Getting lost in the woods despite using a walkthrough.