Author: Damiano Gerli

Residual Review

It’s No Man’s Planet

HIGH A solid gathering and crafting experience.

LOW It’s hard to decipher the graphics at times.

WTF Won’t that robot ever shut up?!?

Teacup Review

Why Did The Frog Cross The Road? To Get Tea Leaves

HIGH Beautiful watercolor graphics and a relaxing atmosphere.

LOW Having four quests at the same time can get slightly confusing.

WTF The people of Little Pond can be annoying at times.

Hoa Review

All Chill, No Thrill

HIGH Beautiful hand painted graphics.

LOW Relaxing gameplay‚Ķ perhaps too relaxing.

WTF Not recommended for those with Entomophobia 

Seed Of Life Review

Let There Be (Enough) Light

HIGH The environmental graphics aren’t that bad.

LOW The repetitious nature of gameplay.

WTF Being robbed of the “Interact” button because of a bug was… something.

Before We Leave Review

Happiness In Sustainability

HIGH Lovely hexgrid-based graphics.

LOW Not being able to track what made my settlers so unhappy.

WTF I never expected to feel this relaxed playing a management sim!

Stonefly Review

The Tiniest Mechsuits

HIGH Piloting insectoid mechs is fascinating.

LOW Invisible walls.

WTF Having to backtrack to find enemies to kill before leaving an area?!

Last Stop Review

All Aboard The Alien Express!

HIGH The chaos that ensues from the body-switching.

LOW Having to move from point A to point B for no real reason whatsoever.

WTF That final chapter is something to behold.