Author: Damiano Gerli

Ganryu 2 Review

HIGH Solid, classic-style 2D graphics and catchy tunes.

LOW Brutal difficulty even higher than the original.

WTF The first game I’ve seen where the score resets after losing a life…

Martha Is Dead Review

…And I’m Not Feeling So Good Either

HIGH An accurate reconstruction of ’40s Italy with pleasant graphics.

LOW Too much gore and not enough research into characters’ psyches

WTF The newspaper written in two languages.

Beyond A Steel Sky Review

The ’90s Strike Back With a Vengeance

HIGH Strong writing and nostalgic vibes.

LOW Repetitive puzzles and a janky overall look.

WTF Why do I feel like I wouldn’t mind living in Union City?

Industria Review

It carries the ATLAS seal of approval!

HIGH Inspired architecture.

LOW Issues with performance and random crashes.

WTF Finishing Hardcore with no autosave on…

Encodya Review

A City Of Robots And Junkies

HIGH Solid 2D graphics and voice acting.

LOW Some bugs and issues dampen the experience.

WTF No more fourth wall-breaking jokes please!

Clunky Hero Review

That’s One Off My Bucket List

HIGH Pleasant 2D graphics with nice animated sprites.

LOW Run-of-the-mill platforming gameplay with average humour.

WTF The hipster woodcutter stereotype feels very 2005.

Forgive Me Father Review

Fear The Early Access

HIGH Stunning comic book art style that goes perfectly with classic FPS mechanics.

LOW Wasted narrative potential.

WTF The arena segments devolve into random, chaotic battles.

The Whisperer Review

And His Name Is Just A Whisper In The Wind…

HIGH Quality atmospheric horror narrative.

LOW Being stumped at the very end.

WTF The cave was the perfect place for jumpscares, but luckily they didn’t do it!