Author: Cj Salcedo

Wave Break Review

That’s Just The Wave!

HIGH: A wonderful throwback to my favorite franchise…

LOW …undone by awkward controls, camera, and annoying physics.

WTF A Weezer-themed in-game event that still has me questioning my love for this band. 

Skate City Review

Lo-Fi Beats To Skate And Chill To 

HIGH Tight controls and an elegant visual style.

LOW Trying to impress those damn sponsors. 

WTF EA, please give me some info on Skate 4. Please. I’m begging you. 

This Is Not A Review: What The Dub?!

Welcome to This Is Not A Review. In these articles we discuss general impressions, ideas and thoughts on any given game, but as the title implies, it’s not a review. Instead, it’s an exercise in offering a quick recommendation (or dismissal) after spending enough time to grasp the ideas and gameplay of a thing without necessarily playing it from A to Z.

The subject of this installment: What the Dub?! available on PS4, XBO, Switch, and PC. Developed and published by Wide Right Interactive.