Author: Brandon Bales

E3 2010: Day Three Impressions

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Screenshot

That elusive, Sasquatch-like gargantuan has slipped into the woods once more. Yes, despite its immense size and broad scope, all three days of E3 managed to disappear without warning. Somehow, somehow, the darn beast got away from me with some of its treasures locked away; with some of its stones left unturned… Ah well, now that it's over, I've something to look forward to—next year's show.

E3 2010: Day Two Impressions

Sports Champions - Fight: Lights Out Screenshot

No one wants to be outdone in life, so it would seem that keeping up with the Joneses will never go out of style.  A perfect example? The PlayStation Move. Since its announcement, the Move has never seemed more than a "me too" device to compete with Nintendo's massive Wii marketshare.  The official word, of course, has always been "Just you wait, Joe Gamer."  Well, now's its time to shine­—it’s time to put it all out on the line.

E3 2010: Day One Impressions

Vanquish Screenshot

Every year I attend the behemoth celebration of digital entertainment and culture, and I just can't process the massive, public scale of this thing. The towering screens and throngs of people tell me that this is a business like any other—one that's loved by millions of people, and one that makes millions of dollars. Games are more popular and more prevalent than ever—without question. If that's the case, and it is, then it's ironic that it's always felt like such a solo endeavor for me over the years.

Red Faction: Guerrilla Review

In the Boom-Boom Room

Red Faction: Guerrilla Screenshot

HIGH Watching your very last explosive take down the crucial pillar that brings down an entire structure.

LOW Driving vehicles across the entire map within a ridiculous time limit.

WTF "When did those twenty guys appear?! Gah!"

Dark Void Review

We were Promised Jetpacks

Dark Void Screenshot

HIGH The first thirty seconds of flight.

LOW The massive gulf between production value and actual quality gaming.

WTF  The aliens are robots and slugs and shape-shifting human-creators?