Author: Andrew Fletcher

Tomb Raider Anniversary – Review

Read review of Tomb Raider AnniversaryFor all its popular appeal, Tomb Raider was a geekily strict platform game, but one unmatched (arguably to this day) in making your conquests over the land feel real. When you climbed to a great peak using just your hands and the rock around you, you really felt the achievement, the human achievement. Mario offered carefree, balletic fantasy; Lara, with her bone-breaking falls and audible strains of upper-body anguish, kept it very real.

Critical News Rundown

"It's time for the big E3 round-up!" is what I might be saying now if I could be bothered to trawl through every commercial games site digging out the links to videos you've already seen. Nope! This here's a good old-fashioned GC News hoedown: Iranian propaganda games, a beard-stroking discussion about comic book authors writing for games, and the customary do-gooding story about games-for-good (which nobody plays) being counterbalanced by two or three about other games (which everybody plays) sowing the seeds of humanity's downfall. Oh yeah, and a really popular game title in the teaser to make sure everybody reads it. This week: Halo 3.

Critical News Rundown

So Sony finally announced a price drop for the PS3; although with no apology to those who bought one after they recently denied such speculation. So is it still too expensive? Is this the price it should have been at launch? Pah! Who cares? Right now I’m more interested in tallying up how many people gaming can offend before the year’s out. Already we’ve desecrated a cathedral and had a snuff game thrown back in our faces. Now we’re making fun of disabled people and promoting the soothing catharsis of car crashes. And GTA IV isn’t even out yet!

Crush – Review

Illusions and tricks of the eye have been staples of cinematic entertainment ever since those unwitting Lumière fans thought the train was coming right for them. And of late, gaming too seems to have developed a taste for undercutting its own visual conventions and toying with players' expectations. Super Paper Mario, Haze, Portal and Okami have all dabbled with innovative ways of twisting the player's perception of the game world…