Author: Ali Arkani

Killsquad Review

The Brute, The Nun, And The Gunslinger

HIGH Masterfully designed characters and unique systems.

LOW The story is full of unrealized potential.

WTF Am I the only person in the world who likes this game?

Not For Broadcast Review

The Media Killer

HIGH Controlling the masses instead of being controlled is a welcomed change.

LOW Figuring out viewer ratings is as difficult as rocket science!

WTF Why do the devs think I’m going to sit through this 14 times?

Ali’s Top 10 Of 2021

With 2021 gone, it’s time to reflect on the experiences it brought — especially as a gamer! I played 70 titles in 2021 (yes, I actually spent half an hour counting them for you!) and I’m here to introduce my top 10!