Anne Lee fills in for Richard Naik to host a groovy episode all about music games. Featuring Brad Gallaway, Chi Kong Lui and esteemed guest Mac Cunningham, the crew talks Etrian Mystery Dungeon, Flame Over, htoL#NiQ and more before dissecting the announcement of Rock Band 4.

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7 years ago

I don’t know how the criticism of excessive conversation of the Souls games on the GC podcast ( which was way too much imo as one of those critics ) can then be transitioned to only talking about games once generally, and possibly never again except perhaps for an end of year show. And if the caliber of the games that was talked about on this episode of recent games played is the replacement standard, well, sign me back up for more Souls talk. A series I actively dislike. The Souls “talk” here, was so over overdone that it made… Read more »