According to ESRB, this game contains: Blood, Mild Language, Violence

Although it rarely feels gratuitous (particularly in comparison to the gruesome Psi-Ops), Second Sight certainly does contain enough violent and bloody content to warrant parental caution.

In spite of the chunky, almost cartoonish visuals, one always feels that Second Sight was intended for a fairly mature audience, be it through the battered and bruised appearance of the main character, the restrained but creepy plot about missing psychic children or the freedom the player has to use Vattic's psychic abilities for some rather cold-hearted violence. In many ways, because enemies can be tranquilised rather than killed, it is the player's actions that determine how violent Second Sight will be.

Spoken dialogue is satisfyingly clear and concise—an example that many other games would do well to follow. Subtitles are provided for Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers. Thankfully, they even appear for all in-game speech, which is yet another of Second Sight's many neat, if seemingly minor, touches.

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