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  • Foot in mouth THQ cans Juiced and Stuntman franchises
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    Daniel Weissenberger
    Daniel Weissenberger
    15 years ago

    Sometimes I wish that game sales were published more openly – I had no idea people weren’t buying Stuntman and Conan. Choreographing amazing action sequences? Beheading skeletons to protect topless women?

    What more do you people want?

    Andrew Fletcher
    Andrew Fletcher
    15 years ago

    A shame about Stuntman. I was never a huge fan of the series, but something about its canning got me down. I think because it seemed like one of those quite amiably single-minded and old school game ideas that it’s very hard to sustain on a major console nowadays. Just wasn’t thinking big enough. Didn’t cater for a modern audience. I don’t know if it deserved to live much longer anyway, but whatever the reason was it didn’t sell probably stinks.

    Oh, and how many child-men we got in the house tonight? ;D