• Wii ZapperSurprised Sony produce 'Reviewer's Guide' for Lair in the wake of critical mauling. All together now, in the whiniest kid's voice you can muster: "Nooooo, you're not playing it riiiiiight!"
  • Foot in mouth Wii Zapper (right) to launch with Link's Crossbow Training. Anyone remember the Super Scope? So neglected, yet so ripe with potential…
  • Money mouth EA cite games as the best way to introduce youngsters to new music. I can totally understand the addictive power of music and gameplay side-by-side, but it's a shame most game soundtracks are made up of snarling, throwaway skate punk.
  • Undecided Guitar Hero DS won't use the stylus, but a new peripheral. I'd say it would be ridiculous to release a small toy guitar peripheral, but then, that is exactly what all the other versions have done.
  •  Microsoft ban Halo 3 sneak until December 31, 9999. That's Halo 3333 he'll be picking up next then. Heh-heh!
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