• Tongue out Halo 3 blamed for poor box office of probably crap Hollywood flick
  • Surprised Nolan Bushnell: Games today are "unadulterated trash"
  • Foot in mouth Nolan clarifies why games are (not all) trash. Basically the innovation debate
  • Sealed Take-Two officially blame Sony for Manhunt 2 leak
  • Wink Seaman 2 tops Japanese chart. On a terrible week for sales. Um, yay?
  • Kiss MMO and gaming concepts are transforming the workplace. Apparently…
  • Laughing Some fun Halo 3 replays
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    Andrew Fletcher
    Andrew Fletcher
    15 years ago

    Plenty to get stuck into there. I think the thing that leapt out at me most was: “It’s very clear that gameplay in general is really good for your brain. Good for brain health, good for deductive reasoning and, you know, kids today are really lots smarter. They don’t know as much as we did because they’re not learning as much. But they’re more analytical, and they’re better problem solvers.” Probably because I agree with it for the most part. I find it interesting that Bushnell thinks kids know less nowadays even though knowledge and information is more easily accessible… Read more »