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  • Nintendo sells 600,000 Wii units
    Launching just over a week ago now, there was the sense that the PS3 madness of the previous week made the Nintendo's Wii launch seem a little subdued, but it still found its way into considerably more homes than Sony's machine and received favourable news coverage from a number of mainstream sources. It has also, however, already shown itself to be a somewhat more immediate environmental threat than its obscenely power guzzling cousin.
  • NY Times look at PS3
    Meanwhile, that same cousin came in for the inevitable backlash, or at least a reiteration of previous backlash statements to coincide with it actually being released.
  • Climax worried about PSP
    Climax CEO Karl Jeffery even found time to put the boot in on the poor PSP, albeit with some justification.
  • Trade Your PS3 for Lifetime Taco Supply
    News of this disgusting PS3 fast food promotion didn't help matters, although perhaps the two systems will consolidate each other further down the line towards PS3's inevitable success. This already seems to be happening through the PSP's latest update features, which allow for PSOne games to be emulated on the handheld when used in conjunction with a PS3.

    Incidentally, if you're interested in such things, then you might like to check out this website that presumes to track current sales of all 3 next-gen consoles. There seems to be no explanation as to why we should trust it, but it's probably as good a source as any for disarmingly precise argument-winning figures.

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