Well, I suppose he needs something to talk about now that he’s resolved to keep quiet over Fable 2.

In a speech delivered at the Leipig games conference this week, Peter Molyneux voiced his concerns about the lack of evolution in fighting games and combat systems in general.

Such concerns are perfectly justified of course, but when he talks about the dynamics of his idealised combat scenario (if you've seen the video), he is clearly speaking about its visual impact and movie-like automation rather than control dynamism, skill, depth or player agency. He seems, essentially, to be stripping down Quick Time Events further and integrating them slicker. Nothing wrong with that, but I for one would like to see less voyeuristic approaches that don’t run the risk of dumbing down gaming’s precious interactivity.

In another Molyneux story this week, the Lionhead boss questions the user-friendliness of motion-sensor control methods. It is a fair and honest argument (“I'm an incredibly lazy person when I play games”), but you get the impression from these two stories that Molyneux is trying to strip gaming (at least action gaming) down until the interactivity becomes as minimal as possible, and secondary to the carefully coded onscreen pizzazz.

We’re lazy too Molyneux, but we don’t want the developers to do all the work for us.

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Michael Cottrell
16 years ago

I wish you would make another Freedom Fighters game. I really like to play them alot.
Thank You.