It seems somewhat redundant to explain that Nintendo's latest Mario release contains nothing even remotely worthy of parental caution. Perhaps it is more worthwhile to point out that older gamers may well feel a little suffocated and excluded by the game's almost oppressive degree of cutesiness. Conversely, the young player might find themselves stuck on some of the trickier stages later on in the game. Ultimately, it's a question of patience and perseverance, for which the player will be duly rewarded.

Despite being very much a Mario title in both appearance and gameplay style, M vs. DK sees Nintendo in full puzzle mode. So while platform fans could feel a little short-changed by the limited scope of the levels, anyone who enjoyed (for example) Nintendo's recent Pikmin franchise will really appreciate these tight, fun-sized bursts of action-strategy.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers are suitably catered to with distinct and clear visual cues, which also save everyone else from having to listen to the tinny tunes and annoying yelps that characterise the game's audio.

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