As inviting as the presentation may be, pinball novices will discover that an exasperating, unapologetically tough game lurks beneath this polished veneer. Tables can ask us to complete up to 5 major missions consecutively and with no second chances (certain routes become blocked off after failure), and our bumper-loving balls are at constant risk of being lost in some of the game's more perilous sections.

Pinball veterans seeking the metallic viscera of the real thing might be partially sated by what's on offer here, but it's to anyone with an open mind and a healthy sense of adventure that Flipnic will deliver many hours of curiously addictive entertainment.

Parents will have nothing to worry about with regards to content, and, although announcers frequently comment upon the action, Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers have recourse to a status screen in order to decipher mission objectives.

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