New GameCritics writer Ali Arkani has put together this video on the recent roguelike sensation, Hades. Why does it work so well? Ali shares his thoughts!

Ali Arkani

Born and raised in the port city of Bandar Anzali in Iran, Ali is a guy from the Atari 2600 era. He’s player who loves gaming on every platform, but never stops talking about PC! He claims that he’s not a fan of any franchise and that he only respects quality and logic, but he can never explain why he completed Prince of Persia: Warrior Within more than 27 times or why he can recall the entire Matrix screenplay by heart! While he’s got a master of sciences in Paleontology and a deep love for dinosaurs, he started as a videogame journalist with Iranian gaming media, and GameCritics is where he started to reach a more international audience. Although it seems that the man really needs to get a life, Ali’s been married since 2014. His wife is not a gamer, but plays co-op with him in a special video series called “Me & Wifey” – oh, the sacrifices she has to make for love! Ali says the world of videogames has always been a land of wonderful magic for him and he dreams of becoming a gaming YouTuber one day, no matter how long it takes! Find more from Ali on Rotten Tomatoes, at his YT channel ArkaniGaming, and his Instagram page i_love_gaming2.

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