Our Mission

To elevate the quality, culture and perception of videogames as contemporary arts and entertainment through criticism and thoughtful examination of the medium.

We will accomplish this mission by presenting a diverse range of perspectives from authors and gamers of different backgrounds in order to provide readers with insightful, useful, and entertaining content on videogames and their growing presence in society.

Our Game Review Philosophy

  • Game criticism is about elevating the appreciation and understanding of videogames.
  • All reviews are by nature subjective, and based on a critic’s personal experience. Therefore, any review and/or rating is only a summation of the critic’s own opinion.
  • Games are not judged purely on fun, entertainment value, or technical craftsmanship. Personal, cultural, historical, and creative contexts are also considered.
  • Our numerical ratings are based on a game’s own merits. They are not relative to every game in existence, nor are they meant to assign an absolute or universal value of the game to the reader.

Consumer Guide to Ratings

For readers who use our reviews to guide their purchasing decisions, please refer to the following definitions:

9 to 10*: Excellent / Highly Recommended
7 to 8: Above Average / Recommended
5 to 6: Average / Cautiously Recommended
3 to 4: Below Average / Not Recommended
1 to 2: Poor / Don’t Bother

* A rating of 10 does not denote ‘perfection’ in any sense, it is simply the highest possible recommendation we can bestow upon a game.

Reviews Consideration

Are you a developer, publisher or PR representative that would like your game to be covered at GameCritics? Please contact editor Brad Gallaway at BradGallaway@gmail.com and get in touch.

Comments Moderation Policy

We welcome comments and feedback on our work from readers, but ask that messages left be respectful and not of an insulting or harassing nature. We reserve the right to not publish any comments we feel do meet these criteria.

The So Videogames Podcast

GameCritics.com is the home and host site for the So Videogames Podcast. However, these are two distinct outlets. SVG was formed as a separate, standalone endeavor, and should still be seen as such. While SVG brings news, opinions and general coverage, it also offers officially scored and Metacritic-ranked reviews. However, a GameCritics review is not a SVG review, and a SVG review is not a GameCritics review. While both GC and SVG are housed at the same site, one outlet’s review has no bearing on the other.

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