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NBA 2K24 Review

Macrorealism Mired In Microtransactions HIGH The on-court gameplay reaches new heights of realism LOW Microtransactions and cash grabs sink to new depths of capitalism WTF I sprained seven knuckles trying to recreate moves like Kobe.  For the last few years, I’ve ended every NBA 2K review the same way — […]

Lords Of The Fallen Review

HIGH Dual worlds means tons more exploration and replay value. 

LOW Trying to run both Axium and Umbral does lead to performance issues. 

WTF Running through Umbral with a horde of enemies giving chase is terrifying. 

Ed-0 Zombie Uprising Review

HIGH Picking up zombies and using them as a club to smash other zombies.

LOW The boss whose whole mechanic simply doesn’t work.

WTF I just got that boss so drunk he had to spend ten seconds vomiting all over the arena.

Madden NFL 24 Review

HIGH  Animations and AI combine to deliver unique, unpredictable gameplay.

LOW  The selection of modes hasn’t changed much in a decade.

WTF  Why do the menus have lag and load time?