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GameCritics.com Podcast Episode 59: PAX Prime 2011

Tim Spaeth's picture

Writer Jeffrey Matulef joins us as we reminisce about our time at PAX Prime 2011. Not only did we get our hands on Lollipop Chainsaw, Aliens: Infestation, the PS Vita, and (of course) Borderlands 2, but you'll find out what happened when Brad let Richard interact with his son. No children were harmed in the production of this podcast. As far as we know. Featuring Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, Richard Naik, and Tim "Two Balls" Spaeth.

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Richard Naik, Brad Gallaway, Brad's son

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Great podcast, Jeffrey did

Great podcast, Jeffrey did really well. Prey 2 is looking pretty fantastic.

Borderlands etc

1. great pic of Richard and Brad and son. Adorable!
2. Borderlands. I agree with Tim that the game doesn't really click until hour 12, at least in single player which is my bag. I also totally agree with most of the criticism thrown at the game, in large part because those grievances kept me from finishing the game myself. No (compelling) story, fetch quests, bland enviros, blah blah etc. However, I must say that I am becoming more intrigued by Borderlands 2 - if nothing else because maybe they have the funds and vision now for what the game could be: the difinitive diablo clone for shooters, ie, RPG/FPS. Last time we had shooting with, um, "customization". I'd love to see some legit RPG things happening here. Optimistic, but wont buy until the Gamecritic review :)
3. I went to PAX East last year, and the lines are crazy crazy long. Except for Spy Party (which you guys didn't mention!) by Chris Hecker. Loved it.
4. Great podcast as always!

Amnesia woes

I can only confirm Brad's experience with Amnesia. Following the recommendation on this very website I tried to run the demo on my brand new Lenovo work laptop: Intel i5, 4 GB RAM etc., but with that very same integrated Intel GPU that spelled doom for Brad. It crashed and burned so bad, even causing a kernel panic once when hitting 'new game'... Kind of miss the days of a software rendering option, however an eyesore the result was...

Regardless, awesome podcast as usual! You guys totally add a silver lining to my morning Caltrain commutes every time a new one is out. As I like to put it, every podcast is like opening a present, and inside that present is magic. Keep up the good work! ;)

re: Amnesia

There was actually a software rendering option, but it didn't make any difference.

My advice to anyone: try the demo first even if you intend to buy (which I know you did) and see if it works.

@eric Thanks! @Chris Good

@eric Thanks!

@Chris Good call on Spy Party. I forgot to mention it as I played it last year at PAX and it was probably my game of the show then. This year there was so much new stuff to see that I sadly didn't get around to revisiting it.

@Daniel Re: Amnesia: I had the same problem with my last computer. I only recently got around to playing it this summer after buying a new laptop. It's on OnLive, so I'd recommend giving that a shot.

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