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Quickie: Study examines benefites of DDR for people with disabilities

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Dance Dance Revolution

West Virginia was the first school system in the United States to incorporate a video game (Konami's Dance Dance Revolution) into its physical education curriculum. Now, West Virginia University, ResCare Home Care and the Special Olympics are conducting a study to see if the series has benefits for people with disabilities. According to the very small blurb I was able to find, "Participants will play the game three days a week, for eight weeks. If it is successful, the Special Olympics may consider making 'DDR' a competitive event during its annual games."

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This is good news... even if the

It is great news that Dance Dance Revolution might possibly be considered for the Special Olympics. I admit to not knowing much about the Special Olympics and its criteria for events, but given the physicality of DDR and its addictive, fun nature, I can't see why it wouldn't be given serious consideration.

I know the (South) Koreans are watching this very closely. If a videogame can become an "Olympic event", Special Olympics or not, it opens the doors for them to get StarCraft (I and II) and Lineage II in there. I can only imagine the petitioning that will go on at the International Olympic Committee.

Special Olympics aside...

...the In the Groove series, though acquired by Konami, is still possibly one of the longest-lived and by far most-difficult 4-arrow dance games around. For those who know what I mean, the ITG2 arcade's USB support (and OpenITG, for us cab hackers) has greatly increased the replayability of this game, and overall custom stepchart difficulties have gone up the roof. If anything, national ITG tournaments are amazing spectacles of physical endurance and mental challenges (those 13-feet difficulty songs are nothing to laugh at), and they're still happening to this date.

So...if DDR, Pump it Up, and/or In the Groove were to become a Special Olympics sport, that'd be superb.

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