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High school students design a virtual disability simulation with a game engine

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This is video of a virtual disability simulation; its object is to get a character who uses a wheelchair from one end of a city to the other. The simulation uses the Cube 2 engine. It was designed in the summer of 2007 by Project Beta, a team of Philadelphia high school students involved in the Building Information Technology Skills (bITS) program. bITS is sponsored by the Information Technology and Society Research Group (ITSRG) at Temple University. According to the bITS project overview:

"All participants in bITS complete a series of modules and exercises in an after-school and weekend program taught by undergraduate and graduate students specializing in GIS, media design, architecture, and engineering to give students technical classroom instruction as well as real-world experience."

 Temple U also has a disability studies program; instuctors Michael Dorn and Carol Marfisi co-taught an "Enabling Spaces" curriculum to the high school students, which:

"was designed to introduce students to the assessment of built urban environments from the perspective of persons with physical disabilities. Students were provided with an introductory lecture to gain familiarity with the history of the disabilities social movement and emergence of the interdisciplinary field of disabilities studies. Students were also given instructions on how to conduct an assessment of the accessibility of a site or neighborhood."

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