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Clustertruck Review

All Trucks Go To Hell


HIGH Flying through three sets of gears to just barely reach the goal sign.

LOW Failing a level because the trucks couldn’t make it to the end.

WTF Wait – this game has a boss? How?

The Final Station Review

Race The Dark


HIGH Seeing the might shotgun in action for the first time.

LOW Missing out on huge sections of story as I tried to keep people alive.

WTF How are we going to stop this zombpocalypse? A giant robot, perhaps?

Lovely Planet Review

Do it again

Lovely Planet

HIGH Bouncing along a chain of pads and nailing an enemy.

LOW Hearing a target ball launch and having no idea where it is.

WTF Occasionally the game plays a sound of people saying "Yay!" This never occurs after anything that should be celebrated.