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A PlayStation Portable Buyer’s Guide

Jeanne D'Arc Screenshot

It's been a tough week for Sony's handheld (at least in the States). NPD sales figures revealed that both the PlayStation Portable and Go variant have been sales busts as of late, and the highest-selling PSP title cracked only the top 150. Well, I'm here to offer some holiday cheer for PSP owners and Sony-philes in the form of an extensive Buyer's Guide. The PSP is a favorite platform of mine: I've purchased the console itself four times over, and have (sadly, depending on your perspective) played a majority of the games available for the system.

Final Fantasy Origins – Second Opinion

Despite my bravest attempts at immersion, however, I never reached the point where Origins was consistently enjoyable. The games definitely belong to another era; an era that I haven't played enough Dragon Warrior or Phantasy Star lately to be truly at home with anymore.

Suikoden II – Review

"Suikoden Means War," cried the U.S. print ads for Suikoden II, though the translation was far from accurate. "Suikoden" is actually an English-Japanese transliteration for "Shui Hu Zhuan," the title of a fourteenth-century Chinese novel familiar to some as Outlaws Of The Marsh. But the mistake should be forgiven. Suikoden II is good enough to stake a new claim on an old word. It conveys the turmoil of war with the ring of truth.

Final Fantasy Origins – Review

The Final Fantasy series has developed as one of the most popular and stylized franchises in videogames. Beloved by millions, the Final Fantasy games have managed to develop an almost baroque formalism in terms of both mechanics and narrative. There have been many milestones in the history of the series, but none that have been so momentous and yet nearly forgotten as the first two entries.