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GameCritics.com Podcast Episode 88: A New Era, Monster Hunter, and Broken Games

Where one story ends—sorry Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U—another begins anew. Welcome to the new, but pretty damn familiar GameCritics.com podcast with brand new co-host Sinan Kubba of Joystiq—yes, co-host—more details inside... Join Sinan and regular ruffians Mike Bracken, Richard Naik, Chi Kong Lui, and Brad "The Guy You Know" Gallaway as they summarize GDC and PAX East in two seconds, explore the depth of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, sink to the depths of Aliens: Colonial Marines, and fathom how the growing prevalence of broken-at-launch games is hurting the industry. All this and more in a GameCritics.com podcast episode that will rewrite history, woo-oo.

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Add me to the list of those

Add me to the list of those looking forward to the new era!

I was sad to see Dylan go, but Sinaan did really well for his first time as the official Gamecritics podcast host! Looking forward to more.

I have two questions however:

1. On average, I think we've had a podcast every three weeks. Now that there are two shows, will there be both a Richard and a Sinaan -hosted show coming out at this pace, or will they follow the old "schedule" and just take turns, so to speak?

2. Will Brad already admit that he's giving Monster Hunter a free pass? :P


If I could toot my own horn like it's queen elizabeths diamond jubilee, I made a wish on the comments secction back when Sinan did his first GC podcast hosting ( fill in ? ) gig a couple of months ago. I wanted more GC podcasts and my wish was that I hoped that Dylan did the regular show, Sinan got back into podcasting and did a topical show for GC, and Richard pulled his finger out and did more frequent After Dark Podcasts.

So Close. And no thanks necessary GC team. If my greedy, unreasonable demands trigger a conscious or sub-conscious response that occasionally come close, then were all really winners.

First Spath, then Collins and then Kubba ! The best hosting roll call, by far, on all the interwebs.

Welcome, Sinan. More

Welcome, Sinan. More Uncharted fans on the podcast is always a good thing.

Mike, my advice to you is

Mike, my advice to you is quit your day job, market those bracelets, and never look back. You'd be rolling in dough. Great podcast, guys, as usual. One suggestion I have is, depending on the frequency, to run a show here and there in similar format to the Deadly Premonition/Demon's Souls podcasts, where these games took up a majority of the conversation. They're my favorites, and I still listen to them every now and then.


This is the first time in my life I've ever felt like rage-quitting a podcast.

Comparing Monster Hunter's combat to Skyrim's!?
For shame, Chi, for shame ;)

bright future

Looking forward to the new format! I know everyone's busy, but I second the wish for slightly more frequent podcasts now that you've got two people sharing hosting duties. Hopefully a solid bi-weekly deal is possible?

Oh, and I'm always free to come on as a guest, you know! *wink nudge*

I wish I could thumbs up

I wish I could thumbs up your comment, Zolbrod. Comparing Monster Hunter combat to Skyrim...I was stunned. :p

Matt -- I need to find someone to make these bracelets posthaste. I think the world would be a better and angrier place if people would regularly look at their wrist and ask themselves "what would Mike Bracken do in a situation like this?"

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