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GameCritics.com Podcast Episode 114: E3, Destiny Beta, Divinity: Original Sin

Richard Naik's picture

At long last we get to our annual E3 coverage, only about 40 days late. In addition, the crew talks on the Destiny Beta, Divinity: Original Sin, Walking Dead S2 Episode 3, The DOTA 2 International, and some weird Gundam Unicorn thing. Chi also gets excited about sex at the end. Featuring Richard Naik, Brad "Eurojanky" Gallaway, Chi Kong Lui, Sinan Kubba, and Ashley King.

0:00-0:02 Intros

0:04-0:17 Destiny Beta

0:17-0:25 Walking Dead S2 Episode 4

0:25-0:30 State of Decay: Lifeline

0:30-0:49 Divinity: Original Sin

0:49-0:53 DOTA 2/The International

0:53-0:57 Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King/Transistor

1:01-1:05 Hyrule Warriors

1:06-1:36 E3

1:37-close Thumbs

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Thanks to all the guys for a quick fresh new podcast, ( at least to the listeners ears ).

E3 hate-fest is fully in Brackens wheelhouse, it's a shame he was missing. Somehow I think his ' soul ' feeds off the frequent schlock, contempt and presentation ascendancy of the, ' making as much money off AAA video games ' industry.


It's a shame you guys didn't like Transistor. I read Richard's review and decided to give it a chance and I agree with him completely. I couldn't get into Bastion but I thought Transistor was great. I loved the artwork, the music, the story and the combat. I will agree with some of your points though; the presentation is quite opaque and there's few enemies.
And while it is true that you can came up with a killer combo (Void(Crash()) + Flood() can kill almost everything in your path) that's a problem with almost every game and hardly the developer's fault. But the incentives in the game for testing different builds has to be acknowledged. Important parts of the story are revealed in the information of each function and only when used as a main attack, as a passive and a a mod for other functions. Also when your healthbar is depleted, you lose a function and have to learn to use the others.

So much negativity

Guys, please be more upbeat!

I just cannot finish any podcasts in the post-Spaeth era. Without Tim, Chi is the only one calling out other podcast members on nonsense and negative arguments. On Destiny, Brad makes so many blanket statements, Sinnaaan and Ashley jump in in like fashion, Richard tried to elucidate more reasoned points but overall I just listened to an arbitrarily critical gangbang from three people who don't seem to have anything more than a passing familiarity with one of the most successful development studios in the past 15 years. Why would i want to listen to more?

I loved the summer blockbuster movie podcast last year, and I really want more Chi, Richard and Tim stuff. There just needs to be more irreverence and more calling out of bullshit. I'll continue trying to listen, from time to time, but to be honest without someone to disagree with the incomprehensibly negative critiquing, not sure it's worth the time.

Hey David, Sorry you don't

Hey David,

Sorry you don't think we're more cheerful. OTOH, I know we make jokes about being a negative show, but when we like things I think we do call them out. I mean, we fight the good fight for things that really deserve it, i'd say.

And as far as Destiny goes, I admit i'm a little confused... I liked the game and i even have it preordered, so I guess i'm not sure how you came away with the feeling that we were hard on it. the storytelling will probably suck (come on, let's keep it real here) but i'm still gonna jump in and play.

Otherwise, I think GC is known for being a no-bullshit podcast and site, so we don't sugarcoat things... Not sure that we wanna change that. We're always open to comments and feedback, though. if you had specific points to bring up, post 'em here and we'll hash it out, no problem! ^_^


The level design in the Dark

The level design in the Dark Souls 2 DLC is indeed fantastic and far better than what we got in the base game, but I am going to have to disagree big-time on Sinan's comment about the bosses being interesting. Minor Spoilers: One (optional) boss fight is just three regular NPCs with regular in-game gear given impossible amounts of poise and HP, and the ability to cancel all of their actions into a roll; the first "main" boss is a re-skin of the final boss that summons skeletons and a previously encountered boss; and the finale is a re-skinned boss from the Dark Souls 1 DLC, except it now inflicts the toxic status.

The final boss isn't too shabby and is presented well enough, but the other two follow the same tedious, lazy "gank" design of so many of Dark Souls 2's other bosses.

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