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Tokyo Game Show impressions

Devil May Cry Screenshot

Tons of news came flooding out of the Tokyo Game Show today. While TGS has been fairly sedate in recent years, it seems jam-packed with all kinds of interesting stuff this time. Here are my highlights of the show.

Consoleation: Retailers to keep M-rated games out of sight?

Grand Theft Auto IV Screenshot

May I ask what this action is supposed to accomplish when parents already have shown signs that they don't care and when there's a decent level of ratings enforcement and ID checks already in place? Is it a retailer's responsibility to shield children from games that may or may not be right for them?

Average quality games not fun or interesting?

Halo: Reach Screenshot

I was putting some time into a game I'm going to be reviewing soon, and I got to a point (about halfway) when I just felt no desire at all to keep going. So, instead of suffering through hours of boredom and apathy, I just stopped.

Consoleation: August 2010 NPD results

Madden NFL 11 Screenshot

The results for August are in, and while they seem to have shaken Michael Pachter, I'm here to tell you that there should be no surprise. Microsoft's continued success stems from its revisions of the Xbox 360 hardware—first with the $300 250GB model and now with the 4GB $200 model. These are "new", and combined with recent strong sellers like NCAA Football 11 and Madden NFL 11, the Xbox 360 platform has separated itself from the pack over the course of 2010 so far.

Used games...?

PAX 2010 - The Scoop

Another year, another great PAX. If you've never been to the Penny Arcade Expo, it's debatably the best gathering to celebrate videogames and videogame culture on earth. E3 might win out in terms of sheer size, number of parties, and the incredible quantity of games on display, but PAX has never attempted to be direct competition. Instead, this convention focuses more on the gamers themselves, and in doing so, has become the preeminent place to be a gamer.

Consoleation: The retail front

Metroid: Other M Screenshot

It's not too often that a first-party Nintendo release is disappointing, but Metroid: Other M is one of those rare titles. It's been facing adversity on two fronts. The first problem is that the game strayed from Nintendo's recent trend of releasing first-party titles on Sundays by releasing on a Tuesday. The second problem is that the game has been receiving some criticism from various sources on the internet, ranging from issues with the controls to focusing too much on story to even issues with sexism.

Dante's Inferno Second Opinion

Hellishly Good

Dante's Inferno Screenshot

HIGH Demolishing hordes of demons with righteous holy light.

LOW Trying to figure out how to stay airborne for eight seconds.

WTF Why is there no second, darker ending for playing the evil side?

Consoleation: Ledesma-gate odds and ends

Consoleation: Ledesma-gate odds and ends

What's unfortunate in all of this is that Ledesma's comments have not only damaged relations between the industry and its consumers who read Ledesma's views… but they've also succeeded in widening a rift between the haves and have-nots when it comes to this form of entertainment that we all enjoy. Charges of entitlement are flying back and forth and the argument that video games are a luxury—or even a service—makes what was once touted to be "fun for everyone" into a select group of individuals who are financially fortunate enough to take part.

Consoleation: Used games, the gloves are off

Used Games: The gloves are off

Some things are better left unsaid. For example, most gaming consumers know that the industry doesn't care about them. The disconnect between the industry and the consumer has never been more evident than it's been during this console generation, as I've mentioned more than a few times before. We've known that the industry treats used game purchasers as second-class citizens—or worse—and this well-publicized "war on used games" has devolved into taking basic gameplay modes away from those looking to not pay $60 apiece for games that may or may not be worth their asking prices.

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