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Video: Lego Donkey Kong

Yeah, it's old, but I thought it was cute seeing someone using an classic toy like Legos to recreate a classic videogame like Donkey Kong.

Video: Jimmy Fallon previews some celebrity videogames

I can't help but think that given time this could really become a good late night program. Can you picture Leno, Letterman or even Conan attempting something like this?

Sexy geek fashion that will make gamers drool

Sexy geek fashion that will make gamers drool - NES Controller Bikini

Looking for a gift for that gamer you love or just want to have something game-related to give that special someone? Then here is a collection of potential gift ideas.

Sadly, this compilation was posted far too late for Valentine's Day. So unless your lady has a birthday or anniversary coming up, you'll need to bookmark this story for next year. Ladies shopping for guys need not worry; we appreciate NES controller underwear at any time of the year.

The Horror Geek presents: Afterlife begins in September—Resident Evil: Afterlife, that is

Resident Evil Apocalypse

With news that a fourth Resident Evil film was in the works only being confirmed recently, it's pretty impressive that a shooting date has already been lined up. These guys don't screw around when they decide to make a zombie flick…

Production Weekly is reporting that the newest Resident Evil film, titled Resident Evil: Afterlife is set to begin shooting this September 28th in Toronto. No real details have emerged yet (although the film is currently slated for a September 17th, 2010 release date). We do know this much—the newest outing will take place in Tokyo. I figure it's safe to assume that Milla Jovovich will return, but that's not official at this point.



Video: Penn & Teller Bulls**t! tackles videogame violence

Ok, Penn & Teller: Bulls**t! is not exactly the highest on my list of shows to watch, but when it does it right, few shows on television or cable are better at pointing out the absurdity of most of today's cultural issues.

This particular episode covers videogame violence—rampant videogame violence if you listen to the likes of Jack Thompson or Hilary Clinton. Penn & Teller: Bulls**t! looks at the industry, the violent games and does a really good job of putting a sane face on some of the madness.

And thanks to YouTube, we are all able to watch what foolish Showtime subscribers pay to see. That is, until Showtime discovers that its content is available for free. So hurry up and watch it before it gets taken down.

Btw, this video is totally NSFW!

Olivia Munn's Playboy cover revealed

Fans of G4TV's Olivia Munn that just can not get enough of the sultry looks she gives into the camera, her flagrant use of double entendres and propensity to don costumes taken out of every teenage boy's cosplay fantasies can finally see her in all her glory—if glory is another word for bikini.

Yes, Ms. Munn is giving her massive following another thrill as she poses again in Playboy and graces the cover in a skimpy red bikini.

The issue went on sale this Thursday, June 19th. Below is the reveal so you know what to look for.

Video: Conan O'Brien talks about Super Mario-inspired set

Viewers really need to support Conan's Tonight Show. He is such a refreshing change from Jay Leno.

Crysis and Unreal engines recreate classic movie scenes

Winners of Game-Artist "Scene from a Movie" Competition

This goes up on the cool wall.

Game-Artist got some computer artists together for a competition to see who could come up with the most authentic, real-time environment from a movie. The winning entries were from Bladerunner (seen above), Steven Spielberg's Hook, Aliens, X-Men 2 and I am Legend.

I won't spoil who won—you can probably figure it out though—because you really have to see more of these recreations for yourself.

The Simpsons parody Halo and teabagging

"...there is a kegger down the hall. We can go as soon as I desecrate this corpse. I'm sorry Marge, where are my manners? Did you want to taunt my kill also? Press the "X" button."  - Homer Simpson

If you're like me, on the one hand you're thrilled to see The Simpsons parodying videogames... outside of its own videogames (The Simpsons Hit & Run and The Simpsons Game). On the other hand, you sigh sadly with the realization that the masses are seeing one of the less savory sides of interactive play. Why couldn't the writers lampoon Shadow of the Colossus or Flower? Ah well, it was a pretty funny clip.

X-rays of videogame hardware make cool art

Videogame X-ray Screens

You're an X-ray Technician, you're bored and you love gaming... what do you do? You scan all of your gaming equipment from the NES Zapper Light Gun to the PlayStation 3 (80GB), of course!

We all know we'd do it too if we could. Growing up I had an intense urge to take apart my Atari 2600, NES, SNES and N64, but about all I could muster was the courage to open up my SNES controller. And that was largely because it was not working right.

Reinier van der Ende, the X-ray Technician, did what we wished we could but also managed to spare our warranties while giving us something really cool to look at.

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