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Steep Review

Doing 1080s In A Winter Wonderland

HIGH Gorgeous snowy mountains to explore on the ground or in the air.

LOW: The mountains are filled with forgettable missions and events.

WTF: The first person GOPRO camera view is so out of control it’s unusable.

Brad’s Top Ten of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close and I look back on the last twelve months of gaming, it’s time to reflect on what I’ve played and separate the electronic wheat from the virtual chaff.

It’s time to decide what was best in 2016.

For Honor: December 2016 Preview

Ubisoft was recently kind enough to invite GameCritics to take a look at their upcoming knights vs. vikings vs. ninjas brawler For Honor. I was able to get my hands on a few missions from the campaign, and also went a few rounds in the multiplayer arenas. This was my first time ever playing the game, and it clearly showed as For Honor requires more than button mashing to master.

Let it Die Review

Let it Thrive

HIGH Evolving from a ridiculously weak fighter into a nightmarish harbinger of death.

LOW Grinding for drops to improve equipment can be pretty nasty at times.

WTF Let it Die — a free-to-play title — launched without monetization.

Gamecritics Staff Pick The Top 3 Games of 2016

Here at Gamecritics, we have a wide variety of writers, and along with those writers comes a wide variety of opinions. While the site (as a whole) will pick just one title as the best of 2016 on our upcoming end-of-year podcast, we wanted to hear from some of our staff members who were not on the show.

Presented below in the order they were submitted are the top three picks (some in numbered order, some not) from John Vanderhoef, Zack Zweizen, Paul Stuart, Brad Bortone, Nick Kummert, Joshua Tolentino, Marcus Lawrence and Corey Motley.

Stereo Aereo review

This Stereo Does Not Rock

HIGH The music’s pretty good.

LOW The visuals make it tough to tell what’s going on.

WTF Did the game just cut off midway through, or is it me?

The Great Gamecritics Game Giveaway 2016

Here at Gamecritics, we get more codes than we can use, and instead of just throwing them away or letting them gather electronic dust, we save them up until we get a pile and then we just straight-up give them away.

The next code blowout will be this Sunday, December 18, at about 8:30PM (or so) Pacific time.