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Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age II?

Dragon Age: Origins.
85% (925 votes)
Dragon Age II.
15% (169 votes)
Total votes: 1094
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No question at all that

No question at all that Origins is the better game. Even console players think Origins is better than DA2, which says it all really (since the sequel was supposed to be primarily for consoles).

No contest, imo

I replayed DA:O a little bit last week for comparison and WOW. First of all, I don't know where people got this idea that the graphics on DA2 are "way" better. They simply aren't. There's a marginal improvement at best and it's a misleading improvement since DA2's environments are all heavily reused.

And the depth? Don't even get me started. The environments in DA:O are HUGE. The Deep Roads is a massive expedition, for example. In DA2 your Deep Roads "expedition" is merely a quick, almost leisurely, jaunt, and most of the other quests are even shorter.

To even call the new game a sequel is an insult! ;p It should've been called DA0.02! :D

Sorry for the rant but, geez Louise, BioWare!

- Chris

Console Gamers

I'm a console gamer always have been.
It irks me that developers claim to be developing a game for "us" when I would love to play more PC style games but cannot because of circumstance.

We don't all fit a certain mold. We are a diverse people with a long-lived and glorious culture that deserves respect.

Interface-ism is a serious threat to the future of games!!!


@Jimu Hsien

I ABSOLUTLEY agree with you there! Because I use a controller and prefer for financial reasons to stick with console for the time being, Im automatically hankering after a "faster, more visceral, more idiotic and all round more insulting" experience.

Basically because Im a console user Im pegged as a moron who needs a game based around the lowest common denominator if im going to fork over my case for half a playthrough before shelving the game, maybe an entire playthrough if they are lucky.

I wish they would just man up and admit its based around greed. Instead they spew BS about "innovating" and whatnot.

I pray every day that ME3 will return to the (however flawed it may have been) roots of the Mass Effect series where it was assumed the player wasnt a moron with an attention span of a goldfish and a habit of immediately snubbing anything that doesnt offer switch shooter gamplay for 90% of the game.

maybe its about furniture?

I think it's more the case that for sake of playability, complex strategy games require simpler interfaces, whereas simple action games seem to need more complex interfaces, to reproduce a larger range of movements...

So, is it easier to use a gamepad for this, or hammer away at 8 keys on a keyboard repeatedly? And is it comfortable? A gamepad doesn't require a specific chair or desk setup. I've never found a comfortable solution for mouse and keyboard based games with the furniture I have. I have a couch, I put my mouse pad on a end table and the keyboard in my lap and it always feels awkward.

I don't think PC games are dying off, I think theres as many new ones coming at as there ever have been, its just big marketing and media and the affordability of HD TVs are throwing up alot of noise about consoles and pretty graphics right now.

It'll pass.

I sit hunched on a chair at

I sit hunched on a chair at a desk over a keyboard staring at a monitor 2 feet from my face at work all day.

The last thing I want to do when I get home is do exactly the same thing.

Consoles for gaming all the time for me. I love my sofa too much and goddang I'm gonna kick up my feet and use it!

Dragon Age 2 isn't bad, but

Dragon Age 2 isn't bad, but the game design is frustrating. The random spawning call of duty waves and reused level designs definitely take away from the experience. Also as a PC user and a mage, I take offense from losing the isometric camera, it makes throwing AOE spells 1000x worse if u play on nightmare w/friendly fire.

Overall, the gameplay is just not as good as DA:O.

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