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The Nintendo DSi ships on April 5th for $169.99. Do you plan on buying one?

19% (32 votes)
15% (26 votes)
66% (112 votes)
Total votes: 170
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No excitement for DSi

It looks like an overwhelming number of gamers (so far) are not buying a new DS(i) this year or maybe ever. :)

It's not surprising given the economy. Blowing $169.99 to buy something you basically already have doesn't make sense when you, your parents or your neighbors have lost a job or even their home.

Nintendo has also done a mediocre job selling this machine. It's still sort of early--March can bring a huge media blitz. But I think Nintendo is counting on word of mouth--that's the sum of its marketing strategies these days.

Nintendo can ignore the iPhone and the PSP if it wants, but it is also competing with the original DS. To get consumers to bite, Nintendo is going to do a little more than put a new coat of paint on its portable.

release date

The release date for the USA is 5th April and I understand you can pre-order it thru amazon.

If you are in the UK, we get it on the 3rd and if you want to pre-order it - visit www.ndsbooks.co.uk

No love for the DSi... yet.

The "No's" are running away with this one. Again, it is still early, but Nintendo isn't doing the job when it comes to hyping its machine. Every site I have gone to, even those that should be singing its praises, few are all that excited by the new features of the DSi. And they are especially cold towards the launch line-up of which there is only one game so far: something called Rhythm Heaven.

Maybe Nintendo knows something that we don't know and will reveal something at the Game Developers Conference (March 23 - 27) that will blow all of us away. But just in case, the Game Boy Micro should keep a spot open for the DSi on the shelf of "Nintendo Hardware that no one Wanted". :)

I need a new DS since my kid

I need a new DS since my kid inherited my old white lite, but the lack of GBA compatibility is near deal breaker for me.

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