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Street Fighter IV on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?

PlayStation 3.
47% (261 votes)
Xbox 360.
38% (212 votes)
Not Interested.
14% (80 votes)
Total votes: 553
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Series: Street Fighter  
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Not just a 360 vs. PS3 debate

The reason for this poll was to see which version of Street Fighter 4 gamers wanted.

When checking out the upcoming releases on Amazon.com this weekend, I noticed that SF4 for the PS3 was way ahead of the 360 version in Amazon's sales rankings.

I figured that was due to issues gamers would have with the 360 D-pad. But given that PS3's smaller install base, the 360 should still have been ahead.

So either 360 owners aren't buying it in favor of the version with the better controller, PS3 owners are buying to use with their D-pad, Street Fighter fans are so small in number that they can't affect sales either way or SF fans view the PS3 as the system for that game (like how Final Fantasy die-hards view the Final Fantasy series as a "PlayStation series"). Or any combination of the above. :)

David Stone mentioned how

David Stone mentioned how much better the PS3 controller was for SFII HD Remix and I wondering if others feel the same. Wouldn't hardcore fans be opting for special pad or stick?

warden ok

I'm strongly tempted to get it for PS3 since the dualshock is way more suited to fighters, and i've never been a fan of using sticks. However, the 360 just has a superior online experience overall, and if i plan to play online (which i probably will) then i'd rather be doing it on Live. Achievements are a perk too, but not the biggest factor in this case.

(BTW, is it just me, or am i the only one who still has interest in Achievements while having absolutely none in Trophies?)

Na m8 trophies are much

Na m8 trophies are much better for me as are ps3 online servers

With all the graphical comparisons the big sites do for every multiplatform game do you not think they should do an article on why xbox 360 users have to buy an extra pricey peripheral just to be able to play this game properly

Ive got a PS3 and 360, i

Ive got a PS3 and 360, i decided to get SF4 for the PS3 because of the problems i had with SF on the 360 due to the controller.

Problem I find now is that the PS3 online is crap compared to xbox live and can often take ages before you are able to play online against someone as the 'Searches' often fail and the servers are often full.


It seems there is no one perfect console with which to play SF4. Either you get the console with the better controller (read: D-pad), but a poorer online environment (PSN) or the lesser controller, but with a superior online environment (Live).

But whichever version you purchase, by all accounts, you will have a superb fighting game.

Or you can buy the 360

Or you can buy the 360 version and get a decent gamepad and/or arcade stick. That sounds like the best option to me.


its really on ps3 beacause when i read it,its on ps3.

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