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Will 2009 be the year that the PlayStation 3 catches up to the Xbox 360?

36% (106 votes)
45% (135 votes)
I don't know/don't care
19% (56 votes)
Total votes: 297
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I am a little old fashion,

I am a little old fashion, but I hope it's the year of great games and have better things than to care a bout a hardware war. Lets hope all consoles have fantastic titles.

The PS3 won't catch up, but

The PS3 won't catch up, but it has a pretty good chance of gaining ground.

Do I care which console sells the most units? Not really, but I'd like to see each console get enough users to make it worth the effort of a developer to make the most of the hardware.

even if it did, like it

even if it did, like it matters?

of course, if the ps3 user-base did increase, hopefully it'd mean better quality ports and more worthwhile exclusives.

Yes, Yes, Yes. We are all

Yes, Yes, Yes. We are all above the "silly console war". We are all about the games and not who makes the systems.

The purpose of this poll is not to pick a winner. It merely asks whether you think the PS3 will catch up to the 360. Maybe I could have worded the question differently and asked if the PS3 would "close the gap" or "gain ground" in 2008.

Unfortunately, the way this polling system is setup here, you can't chose multiple answers and I can't offer longer, more detailed choices due to layout constraints. If I could I would have included qualifiers like the potential price cut, PlayStation Home, console exclusives, but it would have complicated what is really just supposed to be a fun diversion.

Sony going 3rd party?

It's funny that many answering this poll don't see the PS3 catching up to the 360 because they are echoing internal sentiment over at Sony as well.

It's still just a rumor, but Howard Singer is reportedly looking into removing Sony from the hardware race and going third-party. It just a rumor and one of many potential directions that Singer will consider when trying to turn around the electronics giant.

It is should happen, that would send this industry into a tail spin! Imagine the company going from top of the hill one generation ago, abandoning its hardware the next.

Ha, that'd be rich. going

Ha, that'd be rich. going 3rd party with what, exactly? Their lineup hasn't exactly been dominant or even compelling on the PS3 thus far.

the simple fact is that they bit off more than they could chew and overreached when they designed their strategy and hardware, and now they're getting bitten in the ass on it. the moment they forgot that price is paramount is when they got off on the wrong track... they were riding high for the last two generations and forgot what got them there.

pride before a fall.

doesn't matter really cos

doesn't matter really cos i'd never buy anything to do with Microsoft !! They suck !

Poll Update

It's new poll time again.

As of right now the numbers are:

Yes: 29%
No: 50%
I don't know/don't care: 21%

While half are adamant that the PS3 will not catch up, there was a strong showing of people who felt it could. Now, given that there could have been more proper phrasing of the question, it is unclear whether those that voted "no" really felt the PS3 was a lost cause; they may have just felt the Xbox 360 lead was too great for the PS3 to reach.

At any rate, given the financial troubles at Sony, a poor global economy, and no clear must have must-have titles on the horizon, it doesn't look like Sony will be making much headway this year (or even the next).

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