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Arc the Lad Collection

Game Description: A compilation of the once-ignored RPG series, featuring all three chapters in the Arc the Lad Saga as well as a treasure-pack of extras. With the world in a state of dark turmoil, one young man has the courage to seek an answer. Step into the role of Arc, a boy from the village of Tovil. Arc will embark on the journey of a lifetime as he seeks out six powerful companions and five precious stones that will lead him to the mighty Ark. Said to hold the power of the gods; the Ark is the only hope for Arc and his kind. Role-playing adventure has never been as comprehensive as it is in this set comprised of Arc the Lad Parts I, II, and III.

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Platform(s): PlayStation  
Developer(s): ARC Entertainment  
Publisher: Working Designs  
Genre(s): Role-Playing  
ESRB Rating: Teen (13+)  

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