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ESPN MLS GameNight – Consumer Guide

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ESPN The Games MLS GameNight lives up to its ISS heritage in every way possible—which is both good and bad.

It contains the excellent gameplay and features ISS fans have come to love, but it doesn't correct any of the glaring faults that have become so prevalent in the series—the most annoying of which continues to be the horrible menu interface.

In short, GameNight has everything the previous ISS installments had, plus the added MLS teams and players. If you enjoyed any of the ISS games, you cant go wrong with ESPN MLS GameNight—especially since the game is now available at most stores for around $20. The perfect soccer game has still yet to be made, but GameNight comes pretty close. If you want the best gameplay available on a console, there's nothing better.

If youre looking for complete, licensed rosters and teams, then youll have to stick to EA Sports FIFA games (though they're not nearly as fun).

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