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Chu Chu Rocket! – Consumer Guide

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Parents should be pleased to see a game like this come along. It's good, clean fun for the entire family, though we doubt most parents will be able to make sense of the chaotic action. Chu Chu Rocket! is a terrific little game that belongs in every gamer's library, if for no other reason than for its great online mode. But it's also one of those rare games that has a universal appeal, which makes it a fun party game. It's fun, it's different and it's cheap—you shouldn't have to pay more than $30 for it.

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Platform(s): Dreamcast  
Developer(s): Sonic Team  
Key Creator(s): Yuji Naka  
Publisher: Sega  
Genre(s): Puzzle   Online/Multiplayer  
ESRB Rating: Everyone  
Articles: Consumer Game Guides  

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