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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards – Second Opinion

Dale Weir's picture

This is the game that managed to outsell all competing PlayStation 2 software for two straight months in Japan? I asked myself this question practically every second I played this game. I must confess that I am not at all a Kirby fan, but that isn't why I was so perplexed as to why this game was made. I do agree with Scott on all of his points, but I have to say something on two aspects to the game. For one, this is essentially a Game Boy game jazzed up with Nintendo 64 graphics. The game moves at a snail's pace, it limits you to two-dimensional movements in a 3D environment, and Kirby's abilities are very limited and not at all exciting. The other thing is that this game is aimed squarely at the very young. I don't mind that so much, but there isn't even Nintendo's trademark "depth of gameplay" to hold my attention. After the first level, I was bored beyond belief as the game offered little to no challenge. Kirby and his friends may be cute as hell and the environments nice to look at, but considering this a Kirby game that was five years in the making, I am shocked that this is what Nintendo finally came up with. Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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Platform(s): Nintendo 64  
Developer(s): Hal Laboratories  
Publisher: Nintendo  
Series: Kirby  
Genre(s): Adventure/Explore  
ESRB Rating: Everyone  
Articles: Game Reviews  

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