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The Horror Geek presents: First Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer debuts

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I'm not the biggest fan of the Resident Evil films—I liked the first two well enough, but I'd never put them on a list of my favorite films (regardless of genre distinctions). That doesn't mean I don't appreciate them as campy and braindead fun, though. I hate when people say "turn off your brain", but that's kinda the best ways to watch the Resident Evil films.

The trailer for the latest is now online. Resident Evil: Afterlife looks like your typical entry in the series—stylish and filled with elaborate action set-pieces—but this time it comes with an added bonus: 3D. Milla Jovovich is once again back to take on the nefarious Umbrella Corporation, presumably in the equally retardedly named Raccoon City. Check out the new clip and see what you think.

Resident Evil: Afterlife is due out later this year.

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If I was James Cameron, I'd

If I was James Cameron, I'd demand my name be removed from the opening credits. I wouldn't care if it was just about the camera being used to film it.

I saw the first RE movie,

I saw the first RE movie, and the most recent.
Both were silly. But the more recent one doesn't really seem to have much to do with "Resident Evil". The movie is just an excuse to ape popular action movies.

I think the RE movies have a real identity problem.

I actually liked the first

I actually liked the first Resident Evil movie. It was nothing really special or breath-taking, but it was a solid horror flick and I didn't feel bad about paying for the movie ticket. Then it went straight downhill...

I don't want to spend any words on the second and third movie installment of this franchise. I tried to purge them from my memory ever since I watched them.

Watching this trailer I dread a new low. The mentioning of the funky 3D camera gives me reason to assume that we'll see all kind of stuff flying in direction of the camera. For the whole movie. Because some sh*t constantly flying in your face is scary. Ha!

Looks like Matrix or

Looks like Matrix or Equilibrium with a bit of RE.
I like it, and Milla, but nothing i have to see in cinema. For free in TV, without 3D, will be enough.

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