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The Horror Geek presents: Antichrist... The Game?

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I'll be honest…I thought this was an April Fools Day gag when I first read it.

Lars Von Trier's horror flick Antichrist inspired a lot of response at Cannes. There was that whole press conference shouting match between the filmmaker and journalists, the outrage over the sexual violence and gore, and Willem Dafoe's naked butt. Now, there's news that Antichrist might be making the craziest jump of all—to the land of videogames.

/Film brings news that developer Zentropa is planning to bring Von Trier's dark vision to PCs everywhere. The game will be retitled Eden (the name of the cabin Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg retreat to after the death of their child) and is reportedly a first person adventure title being described as a "nightmare version of Myst" (at least that's what everyone's assuming based on a translation…). Eden won't follow the narrative of the film, but Willem Dafoe will be back to voice his character from the movie. One can only hope that the gruesome imagery from the film makes it into the final version of the game.

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