Author: John Vanderhoef

Valley Review

A Hop, Skip, And A Jump Away


HIGH The sheer sense of momentum when dashing.

LOW Falling into water repeatedly while jumping between rocks.

WTF The ability to kill and resurrect a deer ad infinitum. For amusement.

Hue Review

The Colors, Duke, The Colors!

Hue 1

HIGH Finally solving the last puzzle after taking a long break.

LOW The ending is sudden and unsatisfying.

WTF Most universities don’t have spike traps.

Downwell (PS4) Review

Falling Down Has Never Been Harder


HIGH Nailing a long combo and glorying in well-earned gems.

LOW Getting overwhelmed with enemies and dying incredibly quickly.

WTF Why are we going down this well anyway? The park bench was lovely.

For every player tired of climbing a dark tower or scaling an impossible peak, Downwell provides an easier alternative: jump down a hole and let gravity do the rest. Downwell combines retro aesthetics, procedural level design, and the contemporary fad of roguelike games to create a enjoyably tight (and punishing!) game that demands precision and skill.