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GameCritics.com Podcast Episode 5

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This week's topics include:

  • Impressions/reviews of the New Xbox Experience and A Kingdom for Keflings
  • Listener Q&A:
    1. Why do critics compete to give a game the highest possible score?
    2. How has the Wii changed the landscape for gamers?
    3. Why are videogames still regarded as children's games when gamers have gotten older and games more sophisticated?
    4. Can a bad game be good, either in the sense that its development resulted in positives for gaming as a whole, or in the sense that its fundamental badness was a "quality" unto itself?
    5. Do you prefer a game to do only one thing for its duration or that it aim to do everything in small amounts?
    6. Do you guys have the same problem as me with playing single player games in that they feel terribly lonely?

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Thanks for answering my

Thanks for answering my question. If I may defend using Portal as an example of a game which tries to do everything: It seemed to be a puzzle game, but then it had action (with even a boss fight) and difficult movement, which are very different kinds of gameplay. "Humor" was maybe not the best word- I should have said "comedy". Listening to a comedy story is absolutely an activity in itself. So even though Portal is short, it absolutely is trying to do everything. A focused version of Portal would either just be a puzzle game, or just a comedy story. It would not be a puzzle game which thinks it's a comedy story and incorporates action and movement gameplay.

Nice topics

Definitely one of the better GameCritics.com podcasts. I think one of the things that has hurt this podcast was that it wasn't touching on bigger issues like those suggested by the users. More podcasts in this vein are needed I think.

throw out some ideas, yo!

throw out some ideas, yo!

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